Congratulatory message from GIRLS' GENERATION

"Congratulations Melbourne Korea Festival!! I wish I could join you!
I hope you all have a really good time. Please give K-Pop your love."

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AO Crew and BYS, the winners of K-POP Contest from the 1st Melbourne Korea Festival, have finally been added to the Official K-POP World Festival Qualifiers! Congratulations AO Crew and BYS!
Korean food is some of the healthiest in the world, with the added bonus of being very delicious! Korean culture has a strong emphasis on family and community groups. As such, Korean mealtimes are an important tool for building healthy relationships through good food. Korean food is meant to be shared, with individual serves of rice being complemented by various main- and side-dishes from which each person takes what they like. The cooking show will demonstrate some popular Korean dishes.
The Hanbok Fashion Show expresses the beauty and elegance of traditional Korean costume, which consistently inspires modern fashion in Korea today. Typically worn for special Korean holidays, Hanbok is known for its vibrant colours and artistic features. Hanbok Designer Sunok Yang brings a stunning collection of Hanbok, modelled by our very own Koera Festival volunteers.
Commemorating 20 years of Victoria's Sister City relations with Busan, the Korea Festival welcomes the Busan Metropolitan Traditional Orchestra. Performing both traditional and contemporary Korean music, the Orchestra incorporates unique Korean instuments to create a sound that will both inspire and delight...